This is Part 2, to see the beginning of this build, go to Part 1, here: FROM THE BARN TO THE STREET PT1 and to read about how I found the car to begin with, you can read: BETTER LUCKY THAN GOOD.


The last few weeks of this adventure were a blur. Once it left Darryl's shop, it got kicked around between my place and Robbie's. I did my best to stay on it, sticking with something I call my "two hours a night" rule. You can read or hear about what I mean here:

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Somewhere right around this time I decided I needed to set a goal for completion. I tend to be better at getting things done when there is some accountability or end goal involved. I decided as good a goal as any would be the TROG event in Riverside. At this point, it was about a month away and the car was structurally complete and all of the fabrication portion was over. What remained were the thousand little things that it takes to make a car fire, run, drive and stop.

Somewhere around here, it really became a whirlwind. I bet I had the front end out a half dozen times playing with the height.

Around this time, it made it's way to the upholstery shop to have a quick seat made and an insert installed. I feel like every time I take a project to my friend that owns it, it's a big panic to get it done immediately so I can make this show or that show, this was no exception. But luckily, he is awesome and always gets it done in time. A great guy and talented.

A quick wiring job and we had lights:

As I mentioned earlier, this car came to me with no decklid. I ended up with a Brookville one from a friend of mine and promptly punched 216 louvers into it:

A LOT of small things happened in between but eventually I ended up here about a week before TROG with a basically completed car ready to go on a test drive as soon as the Oregon rain (monsoon) let up long enough:

I was set to leave for Riverside Wednesday morning. On the Sunday before, I was able to get enough (mostly) clear sky to get the car off of the rack, and out for about 35 good/hard miles on it as its first real shakedown run, other than quick trips around the block in between adjustments. It did really well.

So, I loaded it up and headed to California:

(No, I couldn't be bothered to wash it. Apparently.) But the car sure looked a lot happier in the California sun!

So that's about it. For those of you wondering, I'm not going to paint this car, it's basically done, other than a few minor tweaks and eventually a blower. 

Thanks for reading along. Don't forget to check out the rest of this website and my podcast for tons more hot rod and custom car stuff. It's pretty straight forward: Every Tuesday is fresh article and podcast episode.  Make sure you hit follow/subscribe if you dig it!

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Phew, thank God you saved the story at the end. Ever since you showed the motor in Part 1 I’ve been screaming (in my mind) it needs a blower!

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