In my opinion, few things could do much in the way of enhancing the experience of driving a nearly century old car down some lonely country road at dusk. Your hands gripping the slender, but oversized steering wheel of a rolling chiseled Art Deco sculpture, while a pair of mufflers convert the chaos of the explosions under the hood into an even, soothing tone that serves as just the right soundtrack for your ambling, care-free drive. What could be better? Nothing! Well, maybe one thing...

@Metalman_40 's baby

The relationship between us and canines is an example of one of the longest-running and most significant symbiotic relationships known to mankind. In fact, we first domesticated dogs around 30,000 years ago. (crazy right?)

I'd have the same look on my face too if I were riding in this bitchin '32 3 window! @32eagles ' pup is riding in style. 

"Let's GO." @32eagles

This first version of "domestication" was however a far cry from the bond we have share with dogs now. These weren't "Fur Babies" to early man. Dogs then were in actuality, barely-tamed wolves, and their role was specific: To assist hunter-gatherers in tracking down and killing animals for food. (imagine your widdle baby Schnitzer-Doodle-Whatever-The-Fuck-A-Poo doing anything like that!) 

@RobBenko 's buddy, Marshall, affectionately know as "Pig" (RIP)


It's a pretty big leap from hunting for your own food to being hand-fed Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, free-range, fair-trade (I don't know what any of that actually means, lay off me) dog treats any time you blink adorably, or do something as simple as sit down... But if any living creature on this earth deserves to have evolved just as lavishly as humankind, it's for sure dogs. I mean, honestly, I've never met a dog I didn't like.

Steve Gilligan, @couverkid sent me this: "Me, my parents and our rat dog." What a blast from the past!

So, given this fact, it should be no surprise to you that my dog, Piper rides along with me almost 100% of the time. She goes to the store with me, the gas station, to grab a coffee, whatever the case may be. In short, she pretty much goes wherever I go. This includes of course anywhere I go in an old car, including most shows. The few exceptions would include events where it is too hot for her to be standing on the pavement, or the rare indoor car show where dogs are not allowed. (hmm. Maybe I should get her a therapy dog vest...?) 

@martinez_industries_co sent this: "My Polar Bear" what a sweet face on that pup. 


It is also her preference (and mine) that I be at least where she can see me at all times. This includes working in the shop or garage. And the older she gets, the more she is mellowing into a good 'ol fashion "shop dog," something I recommend strongly that everyone have in their life. 

@hothead_lou sent me this. Ever seen a dog in a tuxedo? 

And if there's one thing I've noticed about other guys and gals involved in this hot rod hobby, it is that most everyone I've met also seems to be gaga for their pups. (and everyone else's) I know a lot of car dudes that look like they would rip your fucking face off if you gave them a reason. (and they would) But the one thing that seems to be the universal tough-guy kryptonite is dogs.

What a great shot from @mor_speed_shop 

I don't give a shit who you are or how much of a prick you look like you might be, if that tattooed hand is holding onto the leash of a sweet looking pup, I'm gonna walk up to you and ask if I can say hello. And literally every time I ever have, Billy Badass has turned into Mr. Nice Guy in a flash, almost always turning straight to baby-talk with his dog in some imagined, one-sided conversation after giving me permission to pet it. Imagine some guy with a teardrop tattoo and beanie pulled down over the top of his eyes being like, "say hewo Lucy, he's a nice guy id'n he? Oh yes hims isss." YOU FUCKING KNOW YOU'VE BEEN THERE. Hell, maybe you're the dude! I know I am, just sans the teardrop tattoo.. (so far) 

I am definitely partial to German Short Hair Pointers, what a sweetie, @frycustoms

"Rooster" @frycustoms

So, a creature so special that it can turn even the roughest, toughest and most serious among us into putty in its hand? (paw.) Not to mention making the already amazing experience of driving an old hot rod or custom even better? I would say we owe anything that can do that a tremendous debt of gratitude. SO: Go get your dog and take him or her for a ride. And don't forget to put the window down!

For now, enjoy these photos sent in by readers of their beloved four-legged buddies!

THIS is a shop dog! @ene_garage



Another sweet Pointer @halfevilhotrods

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was mistaken @randalu

Same tuxedo, new dog! @the_tuxedocoupe

@neil_briz 's bud, Nash.

Helpers come in all sizes and levels of floofiness @wallinf

Happy dog! @nailheadbrent

Check this scruffer out. "I'm driving" @colts_fords

Dogs and trucks! Nothing better. @dlarson33


James Stewart

Nice job and thanks for including my Gracie. We just returned from 700 mile road trip to camp in the mountains. She goes where I go.

Scott Rolfe

I’m a total sucker for a dog, I have to pet them all.


So good! Thanks for all you do on here

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