If you haven't read my first two articles about East Bay Speed and Custom, you can find them here: EAST BAY SPEED AND CUSTOM PART-1 – ironandsteele and here: EAST BAY SPEED AND CUSTOM PART-2 – ironandsteele

That said, I feel like somewhere in between the first and second installments there was a whole other story that I didn't get a chance to tell. That story, is the about my trip to East Bay Speed and Custom. 

If you did read the first article, you'll remember that I left off by mentioning an offer that was extended to me by Brandon. Here is what it was: 

"Why don't you come down and spend a week or so here in the shop with us. We will cut it up, set the preliminary profile the way you want it. Once you sign off on it, you can head home, leave the car here and I will finish it off."

Now, if you think for a second that I was about to pass that up, you must be drunk! I set out to make it a reality and after some finagling and creative planning, I was on my way south. 

I won't bore you with photos from the trip. Who gives a shit about a "Welcome to California" road sign and pictures of a stupid mountain pass? Instead, lets fast forward to arriving at East Bay Speed and Custom. I will tell this story mostly with the photos I took along the way during the week I spent with Brandon and his crew.

Don't worry, I started it off right, by busting through the door and yelling, "Ya'll work on RAT RODS here??" Much to the confusion of a pair of customers who were in mid-conversation with Brandon, who was grinning in silent approval. That set the tone for sure. And the rest of the week would be filled with just as much idiotic banter, terrible/awesome music blaring over the sounds of saw blades cutting and jokes aplenty. It was about as laid back as it gets and in truth, it's a wonder anything got done at all. But it sure the hell did! So, here you go, sixty or so photos of cutting apart a perfectly good 1936 Ford. Enjoy:

( Above three images are @bryanrusk )






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Jim Hoffman

Awesome pictures! ‘36 3w’s are the best!

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